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                                                      Westlake Village, California
                                                                      (818) 625-8306 
                                                    Rancho Palos Verdes, California
                                                                      (424) 240-8050                






         OUR MISSION

         Whether you are concerned about maximizing the value of your property, selling your asset or

         acquiring another commercial real estate investment, Alliance Commercial Brokerage's unique

         structure and expertise can be employed to your benefit.


         For example, most real estate firms are either loosely associated networks or tightly controlled

         around a corporate structure.  Alliance Commercial Brokerage is based on an enterprise model,

         providing the accountability of a singular business platform.


         This approach empowers us as regional authorities to respond deftly to the changing needs of

         our markets.


         Also, Alliance Commercial thoroughly researches our proprietary sources to determine the best

         opportunity fit for each client.  In this process, we provide our clients with considerable support

         such as:


         CoStar, including CoStar Comps, Tenants and Exchange

         Win 2 Data

         Loop Net Premium

         Real Trac Online Transactions

         Aerial Photography

         Argus Valuation-DCF software

         Discounted Cash Flow Analyses of designated investments



         We have unique expertise which compliments our clients'

         interests in all types of investment property transactions.

         Alliance is committed to securing the best deal for our

         clients in both value and yield.  We do this by resourcing

         our commercial contacts and research providers, obtaining

         the most current property market information. 


         Next we analyze each property to determine a successful positioning strategy that will maximize

         wealth.  Then we thoroughly probe our resources to determine the best opportunity for each client.





         Alliance's knowledge of and performance in our regional market is superior.  We are recognized

         to be innovative deal makers who know how to protect our principals. Our mission is to guide our

         clients in their creation of wealth by providing the finest real estate investment sales, research

         and advisory services available.


         Therefore, if you are an investor, speculator or owner who believes he or she can profit from our

         services please contact us. 


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