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                                                Westlake Village, California
                                                          (805) 262-2254


        Our extensive  experience  working   confidentially with buyers and sellers will provide you with

        a necessary advantage.  Additionally, our local market experience enables us to intelligently counsel

        our clients about realistic, acheivable pricing and positioning of properties.  


        Further, we are an advocate of business technology so our clients can and do rely on us

        for comprehensive market information and analysis.  And we provide reliable opinions of value.   

        Ultimately, our mission is to assist you in your creation of wealth.  


        Alliance Commercial Brokerage thoroughly researches sources to determine the best fit for each

        client.  In this process, we provide our clients with considerable resources such as:  CoStar

        including CoStar Comps, Tenants and Exchange; Win 2 Data; LoopNet Premium, RealTrac Online

        Transactions;  and Aerial Photography.  We always have the latest Argus Valuation-DCF software and

        are capable of performing discounted cash flow analyses of designated real estate investments for

        our clients. 



       During our years of investment brokerage specialization we have established unparalleled

       personal relationships with trustworthy commercial real estate professionals.  We have immediate

       access to these buyers and sellers and are aware of their current investment requirements.    


       As such, we can target players for virtually any investment property or opportunity with analytic

       precision.  Additionally, we can instantly connect prospects to properties electronically: buyers

       can hyperlink directly to obtain needed information; complete property information is made

       available to principals through a password-protected website.



       Alliance Commercial Brokerage is fully skilled in all

       aspects of the commercial real estate transaction

       process including predicting and analyzing the

       discounted cash flows, projecting construction costs,

       estimating future rental income and expenses and

       determining yields.  Additionally, we  can efficiently

       coordinate legal, due diligence and escrow.   


       During this process we always place ourselves in our

       client's position asking, "If we were the principal how

       would we expect the broker to deal with us?"  With full

       and accurate disclosure; by investigating and immediately

       informing us of any suspicious discovery; by ensuring

       that we thoroughly and professionally perform all

       necessary due diligence. 


       Consequently, much of our time is invested in alerting

       our principals to the risks of a particular transaction.   


        As a result of our efforts, throughout the years Alliance Commercial Brokerage has completed all

        types of commercial transactions in assets ranging from portfolios of owned real estate and non-

        performing loans, to single-tenant net leases, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial

        properties and apartments.







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